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The LMP Card Project


Ive just started a LMP fan project, where all the fans get together and create something warm, loving and creative for Lisa Marie Presley. Im hoping this will be one of the best gifts she's ever gotten from her fans.

In short: Fans make creative postcards dedicated to Lisa Marie Presley, and all of them are collected together, to be given to Lisa as a present.

Website: The LMP Card Project

This is how it works:
1. Fans create cards.
2. Fans mail their cards.
3. Once recieved, the cards will be scanned and put online.
4. When project is done, all cards will be neatly put together and given to Lisa.

- Imagine the look on her face when she recieves all the cards! So much love!

The card doesnt have to be super-creative. If youre not the crafty type, but still want to be a part of this project, then thats alright. Even simple cards are greatly appreciated.

You may design your card however you want. Write, draw, paint, cut and paste... use fabric, stickers, magazine cuttings, photographs... Be as free and as creative as you want.

Check the website for more information about this project.

This will only come true if as many fans as possible participate. This project is nothing without you, the fans. Lets do this together, and make Lisa happy!

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